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Walking maps and guides

Walking maps and guides

York Walking Festival

Information about walking and travelling locally, including maps and guides, is available on the iTravel York website.

Exploring York walking maps

These maps of walking routes are new for the festival.  Why not give them a go?

Family-friendly walks

Getting outside and walking is a brilliant free activity for the whole family, with many health benefits.

It’s easy to run out of inspiration and go on the same old walks, then it starts to become less fun.

York Mumbler have details of 50 different family walks, ranging from the cat trail to selfie walks:

Heritage Walks

75 heritage trail walks have been set out by York Civic Trust, created to help people to discover and enjoy the city.

The walks range from a short stroll taking in the footsteps of King Richard III in the city centre, to longer walks across the strays in York’s surrounding countryside.

We hope you enjoy the walks, learn about York, have fun and keep fit and active.


The Eborienteers have created three permanent orienteering courses in Rowntree Park with markers to guide your way. You can walk the routes or run them.

As a family you could do time challenges and record how long it takes you to race a course.

Other walking route ideas

York Mumbler