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Travel to School

The journey to school is one of the most frequent journeys most families will make. Choosing how to travel – whether by foot, bike bus or car – will depend on many factors and increasingly many families feel time stress due to many competing pressures. These pressures mean that many families choose to travel to school by car causing high levels of congestion outside the school gates.  Children often report that this congestion and the very busy roads make them feel unsafe on their journey to school.

However travelling by car may not be the quickest or simplest option due to congestion and for some, switching to travelling by foot or by bike could mean a quicker journey and a calmer start to the school day. York’s Travel to School programme helps schools tackle the congestion outside their school gates and helps families have the confidence to try alternatives to the car for their journey to school.

Our dedicated Travel Plan Officer can help schools can help schools with campaigns to tackle the congestion and inconsiderate parking that occurs outside may schools. They can also help your school develop its travel plan or develop initiatives to help encourage alternatives to using the car to get to school.

Selected schools are invited to take part in our Travel2School project with our partner Sustrans. A dedicated project officer works closely with schools across the city to help children be more active and travel to school safely and sustainably.

Events and challenges are run for primary schools throughout the year providing a focus for sustainable and active travel within school

Contact our Travel Plan Officer at for more information, help and support.


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