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York business cycle train station


Find out how your organisation can improve its commuter, business and visitor travel – in particular by reducing car journeys.

You might have been asked to write a travel plan document as part of a planning application. Perhaps you need help to manage demand for your parking spaces. Or maybe you just want travel by your staff & visitors to be better for the environment, health and traffic flow.

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Travel Plan

We can support you with producing and implementing your travel plan. It’s a document which sets out what your organisation knows about its travel patterns, what issues and opportunities it has to change them and what actions it will therefore take.

For example: A travel plan might conclude that there are too many car journeys for the staff parking available, that there are opportunities to promote cycling because of nearby cycle routes and that the organisation could support employees to buy cycles and learn to ride them confidently. Car share matching and bus ticket incentives could also be introduced to further switch staff away from driving their car to work.

Some organisations need a travel plan as part of a planning application. But others just want to bring about the benefits a change of travel can bring: to the environment, cost, health and local traffic levels.

How we can support you

Travel plans are a useful way to plan what action you’d like to take on travel. But many organisations just want to get started. Either way, we can help you with the following:

  • Give you a feel for what travel options (and their information) are available. Park & Ride, e-scooters, cycle lanes, walking groups, electric car charging points and more. This website covers a lot of that.
  • Help you think through what action you could take and why.
  • Put you in touch with other City of York Council teams that can support your travel needs and answer your questions. We also have contacts throughout the city for travel related groups and organisations.
  • Tell you about initiatives already available to help people switch to walking, cycling, bus and other alternatives to driving a car.
  • If you’re submitting a travel plan as part of a planning application, we’ll be involved in assessing it. So feel free to ask us in advance for tips. It could save you a lot of time and money.


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