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Bus stops

Boarding the bus

When the bus you want approaches your stop, always indicate clearly to the driver, by a hand signal, that you need it to stop for you. This applies to all bus stops in York, including those in the city centre.

Leaving the bus

If you wish to get off at the next stop, press the nearest 'Stop' button once to alert the driver. A bell or buzzer will sound and the 'Bus Stopping' sign at the front of the bus will illuminate to advise other passengers. Press the button well in advance so the driver has enough time to stop the bus safely.

Where to board your bus

See the pages below to find out where to board your bus.

Bus stops map

Interactive map showing the locations of all bus stop in York. More

Reporting damage

If you discover a bus stop which is in need of maintenance, please contact City of York Council on (01904) 551551 or report it online. More