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Piccadilly Interchange

Piccadilly Interchange

Service Destination Stop
8 Grimston Bar Park & Ride PB
10 Poppleton PE
10 10A Stamford Bridge PA
18 18A Bubwith PC
21 Colton PF
22 23 Harrogate PF
24 Acomb PF
25 Derwenthorpe PE
25 26 Fulford (Crossfield Crescent) PA
26 South Bank PE
36 Sutton-on-Derwent (via Elvington) PC
X36 Pocklington (via Elvington) PC
42 Drax (via Cawood & Selby) PG
42S Selby (via Cawood) PG
45 46 Bridlington (via Pocklington) PA
45A Pocklington (via Dunnington) PA
66 University of York (Campus East) PC
66A University of York (York Sport Village) PC
196 Aughton PC
412 Wetherby PG
415 Selby (via A19) PG
747 Pocklington (via Stamford Bridge) PC
CAS Castle Howard PF
N66 University of York (Campus East) PC
X46 X47 Hull (via Pocklington) PA

Real-time information

The table below shows the yournextbus numbers for stops at Piccadilly Interchange. Click on a number to see live bus departure times from that stop.

Stop name Stop letter yournextbus number
PA 32901672
PB 32900105
Merchantgate PC 32900107
PE 32900102
PF 32900103
PG 32900104


A smart ticket kiosk is located at Stop PG. You can buy or top up a York by bus smartcard here.

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