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Blossom Street area

To reduce congestion, new arrangements are being trialled at Blossom Street stops BA & BB from Monday 6th May.

Stops BA & BB have been merged to create a single ‘super-stop’. Where possible, all buses will stop at the bus stop sign nearest the cinema entrance. 

If a bus is already occupying the stop, the next bus will stop immediately behind it. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the new arrangements, please email us.

Buses from the Blossom Street area depart from the following stops:

Service Destination Stop
1 Chapelfields BC
1 Wigginton BB
3 Askham Bar Park & Ride BD
4 Acomb BD
5 5A Acomb BC
5 5A Strensall BA
11 Bishopthorpe BF
11 Heworth (Ashley Park) BA
12 Foxwood Lane (via Woodthorpe) BD
12 Monks Cross BA
13 Copmanthorpe BD
13 Haxby (West Nooks) BA
14 Foxwood Lane (via Woodthorpe) BD
14 Haxby (West Nooks) BA
16 Acomb (via Hamilton Drive) BC
22 23 Harrogate BC
24 Acomb (Ascot Way) BC
37 Tadcaster (via Askham Bryan) BD
40 Askham Bryan College BB
59 Poppleton Bar Park & Ride BC
66 University of York (Campus East) BF
412 Wetherby BC
840 843 East Coast (via Malton) BA
840 843 Leeds BD

Real-time information

The table below shows the yournextbus numbers for stops in the Blossom Street area. Click on a number to see live bus departure times from that stop.

Stop Name Stop letter yournextbus code
Blossom Street* BA 32900151
BB 32900152
BC 32900149
BD 32900150
Nunnery Lane BE 32900146
BF 32900147

*To reduce congestion, stops BA & BB have been merged to create a single ‘super-stop’. Where possible, all buses will stop at the bus stop sign outside the Everyman Cinema. If a bus is already occupying the stop, the next bus will stop immediately behind it i.e. outside the York Cars office.