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Benefits of Travel Planning

Benefits of Travel Planning

Benefits travel planning

A workplace travel plan requires a degree of time, resources and commitment to develop but the resulting plan will deliver many tangible benefits for your business and staff such as cost and efficiency savings; improved staff retention and a reduced impact on the local environment.

For your business a workplace travel plan can:

  • save money on the cost of providing and maintaining parking spaces
  • solve problems caused by over demand for parking
  • cut mileage claims and other business travel costs
  • reduce staff downtime spent travelling on business
  • reduce the costs of running a fleet
  • ease supply and delivery difficulties and improve accessibility for customers caused by traffic congestion on and around your site
  • improve your image and reputation with both customers and neighbours
  • improve staff health and reduce absenteeism
  • help recruit and retain staff by making journeys to work easier and cheaper, and improving your image as a responsible employer
  • help meet shareholder demand for corporate social responsibility programmes, including meeting environmental management targets (e.g. ISO 14000/1). 

For your staff a travel plan can:

  • reduce the cost of travel to work, or remove the need to own a car
  • reduce journey times to work
  • provide a better work-life balance through flexible working and less need to travel on business
  • provide equable benefits to more people by shifting from travel perks based on seniority, to incentives for sustainable travel made accessible to all staff, including those without a car
  • ensure parking is available for those with the most need of a vehicle
  • help provide less stressful options for the journey to work
  • provide opportunities to build healthy exercise into daily life

Car parking

Car parking is one area where significant cost savings can be made through the introduction of car sharing schemes and other initiatives, especially if existing car parks are near capacity or there is an expected growth in employment.  The full costs of car parking provision, and business support for commuting by car, are often underestimated by employers. Budgets for capital provision, maintenance, and security and lighting are also sometimes spread over several budgets. An annual car parking space is estimated to cost in excess of £600 per year per space

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