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Upcoming service changes

The table below shows a summary of upcoming changes to bus services in York.

Links to further information on operators' websites are shown where available (click on service numbers to see revised timetables).

Change Date Service No. Operator Brief summary of changes
21/4/2019 822 Arriva Dalesbus: summer Sundays & Bank Holidays
28/4/2019 1 First Minor timetable change
28/4/2019 4 First Minor timetable change
28/4/2019 5
First Minor timetable change
28/4/2019 42 Arriva Change of operator from Transdev
28/4/2019 747 EYMS Minor timetable change
29/4/2019 HSB First New Mon-Fri service between Rawcliffe Bar and York Hospital
3/5/2019 M8 Reliance Moorsbus: summer Fridays & Saturdays

Service change dates in 2019

The York Quality Bus Partnership has agreed the following service change dates for 2019:

  • Sun 6th January
  • Sun 28th April
  • Sun 2nd June
  • Sun 21st July
  • Sun 1st September
  • Sun 29th September