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Upcoming service changes

The table below shows a summary of upcoming changes to bus services in York.

Links to further information on operators' websites are shown where available.

Change Date Service No. Operator Brief summary of changes
7/1/18 1 First

Removal of early p.m. trips and removal of an early a.m. trip.  

7/1/18 4 First Revised timetable including removal of several a.m. trips. 
7/1/18 6 First Revised timetable including removal of some p.m. trips.
7/1/18 9 First Early a.m. trips will serve Monks Cross Shopping Centre.
8/1/18 11 First Early a.m. Monday to Friday trip retimed slightly.
7/1/18 66 First Extra Saturday late night trips, but fewer late trips on other nights.
7/1/18 66a First Additional weekend late night trips departing from the Rail Station.


Service change dates in 2018

The York Quality Bus Partnership has agreed the following service change dates for 2018:

  • Sun 7th January 
  • Sun 15th April 
  • Sun 20th May 
  • Sun 22nd July 
  • Sun 2nd September 
  • Sun 23rd September