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Upcoming service changes

The table below shows a summary of upcoming changes to bus services in York. The list may also include information about services that have recently changed.

Links to further information on operators' websites are shown where available (click on service numbers to see revised timetables).

Change Date Service No. Operator Brief summary of changes
01/12/2019 1 First Revised timetable.
01/12/2019 6 First Revised timetable.
01/12/2019 11 First Revised timetable.
01/12/2019 12 First Revised timetable.
05/01/2019 CAS Castle Line Winter timetable - withdrawal of some journeys for Castle Howard winter closure.

Service change dates in 2020

The York Quality Bus Partnership has agreed the following service change dates for 2020:

  • Sun 2nd February
  • Sun 5th April
  • Sun 31st May
  • Sun 21st July
  • Sun 6th September
  • Sun 27th September