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Timetable posters and leaflets

Timetable posters

Timetable posters are provided at the vast majority of bus stops in York. These are generally produced by City of York Council to a standard design, showing specific times for every bus service calling at that stop.

Timetable posters for service 66 are produced by First York, due to the need for regular term-time/holiday timetable changes.

Timing points

A timing point is a stop on a bus route where the bus must wait until its published departure time. For stops which are nominated by the bus operator as timing points, the departure times are printed in bold on the timetable poster. You can be certain that these departures will leave the stop no earlier than the time shown. 

For stops which are not a timing point, the times shown on the poster are approximate and buses may pass the stop shortly before the published time. Please arrive at least a couple of minutes before the published time to be sure of catching your bus.

Timetable leaflets

Timetable leaflets are produced by bus operators. If you find any errors or omissions in these please contact the relevant bus operator.

Current issues with timetable posters and leaflets in the York area:

  • No reported issues.

Please note that where temporary timetables are required, errors may be present in other systems which use the same data sources, such as journey planners provided by Traveline, Google or bus operators.