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The journey to school is one of the most frequent trips that any family makes, and over a considerable period of time. Choosing how to travel to school - whether on foot, by bike, by bus or in the car can depend on many things - whether there are after-school activities to attend, the needs and ages of each child, childcare issues, as well as the weather and the time of year.

If, like most people, you live within a mile or so of the school your child attends then walking, scooting or cycling could be great options to choose. Read more about why active travel to school can have so many benefits for your family here.

To compare all your travel options and find good bus routes or walking and cycling routes, why not check out our Journey Planning page.

For more information on the pedestrian and cycle training that your child can take advantage of whilst at school in York see Road safety training in schools

Read more about how we're working with schools in York to increase walking and cycling in families with our Bike-it Project.

If you are a member of school staff or a headteacher, please see our special Schools section for more information on our travel planning services.

Active travel to school - the benefits

Choosing active travel to school can have many benefits for you and your family Learning The journey to school provides a great opportunity to promote your child’s... More

Journey to School Animation

Journey to School Animation iTravel has commissioned Digifish Ltd to create the main animation (shown above), together with three shorts of a similar nature (shown below). Most... More

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