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Travel planning

Virtual Cycle Race 2010- Christine with laptop & kids

The journey to school affects the whole school community including families, local residents and school staff. A School Travel Plan (STP) is an opportunity to identify and promote practical travel alternatives that meet the varied needs of your particular community.

By March 2010 95% of the schools in York had written a travel plan with the support of the School Travel Advisor. This was an outstanding achievement compared to the national average and York saw a corresponding increase in the numbers of children walking and cycling to school.

By developing and committing to a travel plan you are:

  • involving the whole school community to encourage more walking and cycling to school
  • actively contributing to the health of your pupils
  • building children’s self-confidence and awareness of their environment
  • improving the local environment and
  • showing local residents that you are being a good neighbour by taking their needs into consideration too.

School Travel plans are also part of the requirement for Eco Schools and Sustainable schools status, and a key part of being a Healthy school. For more information contact our School Travel Advisor at

Modeshift Stars

City of York council is now part of Modeshift and has joined Modeshift STARS (Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Roadsafety for Schools). STARS provides an on-line framework for the implementation of sustainable and active school travel activities, including those during school time as well as on the journey to school.

Easy to use and administered by Modeshift, the on line system significantly reduces the amount of time and work schools are required to undertake on travel planning, therefore allowing more focus on delivering actions that really make a difference to travel patterns both on the journey to school and as part of the school curriculum.. Please go to the STARS web pages for more information and to register.

Support, Advice and Guidance

If a travel plan is to be successful it must be supported by the whole school community including parents, teachers, pupils, governors and the local community. The school should appoint a coordinator for the travel plan and set up a working group to include members of the school community.

The School Travel Advisor is available to support schools in developing and maintaining their travel plans and help they are effective in helping manage their travel issues.

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Virtual Cycle Race 2010- Christine with laptop & kids

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Virtual Cycle Race 2010- Christine with laptop & kids

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