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Travel planning

Travel Planning

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Our dedicated Travel Plan Officer offers a travel planning service for schools which will help you develop and deliver a specific plan for your school that can achieve real results towards the use of more sustainable and active travel modes, and help reduce the number of cars making the journey to school.

Our Travel Plan Officer:

  1. Can help organise wide range of walking and cycling initiatives, events and promotions to encourage families to participate in active modes of travel to school;
  2. Help you set up, where appropriate, park and stride sites, walking buses or car sharing between families to reduce the number of cars arriving at the school gates and improve safety for those that do walk, scoot or cycle;
  3. Help you work towards STARS accreditation. STARS is an on-line travel planning tool that helps you easily develop your travel plan and achieve national accreditation for your hard work.
  4. Act as a single point of contact for Local Authority travel and transport services including public transport and infrastructure or facilities that promote active travel.

For advice and information please contact our Travel Plan officer at

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