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Cycling for leisure

Cycling in your leisure time is a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy the great outdoors. As well as keeping you fit, it also offers opportunities to meet like-minded people, and to explore new parts of York or the countryside.

Download one of our series of eight short leisure route maps for York from this page (bottom right) and try them out for yourself. Most of the rides are family friendly too with cafes and toilet facilities marked.

In Leisure Ride No. 6, an advisory line suggests avoiding Scarborough Bridge due to the steep steps on either side. It should be noted that following the opening of the new Scarborough Bridge on the 18th of March, this advisory line will no longer be accurate.

If you'd like to cycle in company or with some friendly support why not try York Bike Belles. York Bike Belles is a friendly cycling community that run volunteer led guided rides and other cycling related activities around York that you can join in with.

Breeze bike rides also offer guided bike rides in and around York in partnership with British Cycling.

Please also see our Cycling community groups page for a listing of groups in York that offer a wide range of rides and support for cyclists.

You could also try road racing by joining a local cycling club; get involved in BMX or mountain biking, or even take on a triathlon. There are several websites listed on this page (bottom right) that might be useful to contact.


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