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i-Travel York TV

Leave the Sleigh at Home!

Join Greg on the bus, as he tries to rescue the family Christmas.


Get me to the Office on Time!

Episode three in our light-hearted mini series about travel in York. Greg's daughter plans to visit his workplace for the day, but who will get to the office on time?

A Grand Day Out

Episode two in our light-hearted mini series about travel. Greg treats his mum to a day out but, as usual, things don't go quite as planned!:

A Grand Ride

Watch the first episode in our brand new mini series about travel in York, featuring actor Andrew Dunn as Greg, as he juggles with family life:

Each film will focus on a different mode of travel. Spring's cycling themed episode, A Grand Ride, stars leading actor Andrew Dunn as 'Greg' as he finally gets back in the saddle. Episode 2 follows Greg as he tries to plan a day out at the seaside with his mum. For more information about the series see A Grand Ride. 

Park & Ride

Askham Bar has recently featured in two short films produced by the Government's Local Campaigns Team. Watch below to see just how easy Park & Ride can make your journey into the centre of York.


My Journey

York commuters share their tips on travelling to work in York and the travel choices they make. Here's Rob who cycles to work and drops off his daughter at childcare on the way.
To hear more personal stories see My Journey

A Summer of Cycling

The lead up to York's annual Festival of Cycling.

An introduction to i-Travel York

How it all began......