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Wildlife Walks around York

The City of York Council has produced a guide to a selection of wildlife sites to be found across the city area. We hope you will enjoy seeing some of the amazing wildlife to be found in York. Please respect these precious places, follow 'The Countryside Code' and obey any local regulations.

The guide can be found under the downloads section of this page.

York residents are fortunate to have a wealth of publically accessible wild spaces on their doorstep. Almost ten percent of the UK's flower-rich flood meadows are found in York. Otters and Water Voles can be seen along the Rivers Ouse and Foss. York is also the site of the country's most northerly example of extensive lowland heath at Strensall Common as well as hosting internationally important populations of wetland birds in the Lower Derwent Valley. Many of these places are easily accessible by bus, cycle route and footpath.