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How to enter the prize draws

How to enter the prize draws

York Walking Festival

Find out how to enter the prize draws for these challenges: Indie York treasure hunt; the Crosswalk and the Walk Bingo.

In each case you would contact us with the required answers or information by Sunday, 20th September 2020.  We are City of York Council’s iTravel Team that encourages walking, cycling and other sustainable travel.

The winning prizes available are £50 York Gift Cards.

Ways to enter

To enter a prize draw please provide your name and your contact details (email or phone number) so that we can choose a winner and notify them.  See the Privacy Notice for how your data will be used. 

You will also need to tell us:

Prize Draw rules:

  1. Your entry is only valid if you found the clues or did the walk yourself.
  2. For each challenge it’s one person per entry.  If you enter more than once for a challenge, we’ll take your last entry.
  3. You can only win one £50 York Gift Card.We will pick different winners from each challenge.
  4. For the Indie York treasure hunt you only need to guess one theme correctly to enter. For the Crosswalk your entry has to be correct.For the Walk Bingo your anecdote/story has to be relevant in some way to the walk you did, but can be as little as a sentence.
  5. The winners will be chosen (at random) and also informed by us by 2 October 2020.
  6. If you win, we will ask for your postal address to send your £50 York Gift Card.
  7. We will also ask if we can use your name and a quote from you for publicity.