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Walk Bingo

Walk Bingo

York Walking Festival

Look at the list below or in the download for 25 things to spot on your own walk.

  • Can you complete a row?
  • Can you complete a column?
  • How many overall can you spot?

It’s not a competition to see who can spot the most.  But you can enter a prize draw for a £50 York Gift Card if you let us know something about your walk by Sunday 20th September 2020. Where did the walk go?  What was it like?  What did you see? 

25 things to spot

River Bridge Red Postbox Noticeboard Grazing Animals York Wall
Old Church Alleyway Crossing Park Cafe
Newsagent Rabbits Cobbles Woodland Stream
Pond Field Bike Parking Hedge Barbershop
Flag Phonebox Minster Footpath Old Road Sign

Download the Walk Bingo PDF

See How to enter the Prize Draws and also the Privacy Notice for how your prize draw data will be used.