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Cycle training

We offer a wide range of cycle training sessions, so there's bound to be one to suit you or your family.

  • Urban Cycle Skills - Bespoke Adult & Family Training Sessions

Personalised one to one cycle training, tailored to your needs and abilities. For a limited time these sessions are being offered at a discounted price. For full details on these sessions and how to book, please see our Urban Cycle Skills page.

  • Children's Cycle Training


If your child goes to School in York, he/she will have the opportunity to take part in cycle training to a National Bikeability Standard. To consolidate this training or to move up to the next level, extra private lessons can be bought - £32.00 for a 60 minute lesson or £48.00 for a 90 minute lesson.

How can I book a lesson for my child? For further information on additional or private lessons please contact the team on 01904 555 579 or



If I live outside of the York Boundary can I receive discounted training?

I cycle to work but live outside York, can I still receive discounted training?

Yes - we are now able to offer discounted cycle training to anyone who lives in York or North Yorkshire, although the training sessions themselves must still take place within City of York Council's local authority area.

I have/ a member of my family has a disability but they want to learn to cycle - can I/they learn?

Yes - the Council is committed to getting everyone cycling and run inclusive cycling events where a variety of adapted cycles are available for use. Please contact Glyn Newberry on 01904 553 385 for further details and to book a session.

I would like to book more than one discounted training session, can I book multiple sessions?

Individuals can book a maximum of ONE discounted session. Should you wish to book further sessions then these are charged at the standard rate of £32.00 for a 60 minute lesson or £48.00 for a 90 minute lesson.

Do CYC run Bikeability National Standards training courses in schools for children in York?

CYC run Bikeability National Standards training courses at Levels 1, 2 and 3, as well as pedestrian training. Parents should be notified by their child's school when a date for the training has been arranged. Booking is done directly through the child's individual school.

My child has received bikability training at school, can they do the next level outside of school?

Yes, your child can receive private lessons through the Council, these however will be charged at the full rate - these can be either to consolidate training on previous bikability levels or to move up to the next level.

Cycle commuter tips

Our FREE Urban Cycling guide DVD is ideal for regular cyclists who want to brush up on their skills for a commute to work or for a new journey by bike. It also tackles filter lanes and roundabouts etc. Order your free copy now!

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Urban Cycling Guide

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Urban Cycle Skills Privacy Notice

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