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Saving on driving costs

Saving on Driving Costs

Owning / running a car can be an expensive business, but there are lots of ways in which you can make significant savings on your driving costs.

Use our car cost calculator below to find out how much your car is costing you and then look at our tips below for ways of making savings!

Find Out What Your Car's Costing You

Fill in the values below to find out how much your car costs you. If there are some aspects you're unsure about just make an estimate or leave some elements blank. You can input values directly into the boxes below or choose to download the spreadsheet using the Excel button at the bottom of the window so you can keep a copy for quick reference.

Money Saving Tips

Drive smarter
‘Smarter driving’ techniques can save you up to 15% on fuel bills. Read our Top ten tips for smarter driving.

Go Low
If you’re thinking of replacing a car, could a low emission or an electric vehicle be for you? They offer huge savings on fuel costs (typically less than 3p per mile) as well as on Vehicle Excise Duty (VED). Find out more about the different fuel and technology choices.

Go Electric
Find out whether an electric vehicle could be for you. York has a rapidly expanding network of electric charging points round the City.

Reduce your VED
The amount of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) you pay depends on the fuel efficiency of your car and its emissions. Cars in Band A such as electric cars and fuel efficient petrol/diesel models are FREE to tax. At the other end of the scale, cars in Band M cars cost more than £400 per year. Find out more about zero or low tax cars

Share a car journey
For some journeys, particularly regular ones like the commute, sharing your journey could dramatically cut costs. Use York’s liftshare website to discover if anyone is making a similar journey to you that they could share. You could save up to £1000 a year on your travel costs by car sharing or lift sharing.

Join our car club
York's Enterprise Car Club provides a car just when you need one. You can rent a car in York through the Enterprise Car Club for as little as £4.95 an hour from a choice of several locations. You pay a modest membership fee plus an hourly & mileage charge rate without the hassle and full costs of owning a car yourself. Visit Enterprise Car Club to find out more.

Reduce your insurance costs
It’s always worth shopping around for insurance.  There are lots of price comparison websites that can show you good deals – and your existing insurer might seek to match a quote!
If your insurance costs are high because you or someone else in your household is a young driver, i-Travel York might be able to help.  We’ve teamed up with the Institute of Advanced Motorists to offer “the Momentum scheme”. This includes a one hour drive with an IAM qualified examiner who will provide tips on improving your driving style. You can then progress on to their Skills for Life advanced driver training course which could help you significantly reduce insurance costs – as well as being safer as a result.

Fuel choices

Every fuel type offers different benefits based on price, availability, or environmental impact. More

Smarter Driving Tips

Petrol/Diesel prices on the up? Get more miles to the gallon, and save money on fuel costs, with our top tips for fuel-efficient driving: 1.... More

Low or Zero Tax Cars

Road tax or Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) as it is now known is compulsory but the amount you pay depends on the rated fuel efficiency... More