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Driving in york

Car Parks

Maps and Cycle guides

Parking is available in 15 public car parks in York operated by City of York Council.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles

The world is changing and electric vehicles are going to be a big part of our future.

Car Sharing

Car Sharing

Car sharing or lift sharing is simply when two or more people share one car and travel together.

Enterprise Club

Enterprise club

Just need a car now and then? Join Enterprise Car Club and have the benefits of a car just when you need one but without all the hassle.

Road safety

Road safety 1

We support the government’s UK-wide THINK! Campaigns covering drink driving and other social issues.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle club

Find out where the best available parking is...

York is a small city with a historic centre consisting of narrow, ancient streets.

Because of its historic layout, York is very susceptible to traffic congestion, especially during morning and evening peak times.

Before you travel, consider whether you really need to drive into the city centre. Unless you're carrying heavy items or have mobility difficulties, there are usually cheaper and faster ways to get into the city.