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Why car share?

Car sharing is sociable and saves money!

You could halve your fuel costs for regular trips

You could save up to £1,000 a year and 1 tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) by sharing your car. Some examples of typical annual cost savings that can be achieved on commuter routes in York, based on sharing your car with one other person are as follows:

  • Bishopthorpe to University of York: Savings: 0.36 tonnes of CO2 and £297.57 per person a year.
  • Skelton to Holgate Park: Savings: 0.48 tonnes of CO2 and £394.57 per person a year.
  • Sutton-on-the-Forest to York Hospital: Savings: 1.07 tonnes of CO2 and £875.56 per person a year.

It keeps the city moving

Did you know that there’s a staggering 38 million empty seats in car on UK roads every weekday? Car sharing in York can really make a difference in reducing congestion by taking more cars off the road and freeing up road space to keep the city moving.

Everyone else is doing it

Thousands of people in York have already signed up to carsharing through our CarShareYork website run by Liftshare

Car sharing or lift sharing – the choice is yours

  • Share your car by giving a lift to another person
  • Share journeys and the driving equally with another car driver/owner
  • Get a lift in someone else’s car if you don’t have transport

You can choose to share cars or lifts occasionally, or on a regular basis such as for the journey to work. You don’t have to commit to car share every day. Many sharers find they prefer to share journeys for a few days per week, making their own arrangements for other days. It’s entirely up to you.

Car sharing can also be done for just part of a journey – you may choose to combine car sharing with walking to build some exercise into your day, or perhaps would like to car share to a Park & Ride site and take advantage of the fast, frequent bus services from there into the city.