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York's location, on low ground at the junction of the rivers Ouse and Foss, means that certain parts of the city and surroundings can be prone to flooding.

If you're planning a visit to York, don't be put off. All but the most severe flood events have a minimal impact on daily life and business in York.

Flood warning status

Current river level


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The table below shows which roads and bus routes are likely to be affected when the River Ouse in York reaches certain key levels. Please note that the table is advisory and does not necessarily reflect actual road closures during a particular flood event.

River level* Roads closed Bus routes affected Diversion
3.55m Main St. (Nether Poppleton) 10 Dikelands Lane, Ebor Way
3.90m Acaster Lane 21 Appleton Road
B1222 Naburn Lane 42 A19
4.00m Skeldergate 3, 4, 59 Nunnery Lane, Bishopgate St.
45, 46, X46 Rougier St, Station Rd, Nunnery Lane
4.50m A19 Selby Rd 7, 18, 36, 42, 415 A64, Hull Road
Tower St. 3, 4, 59 Terminate at Rail Station
7, 42, 415 Piccadilly, Merchantgate
4.60m Fordlands Road 25, 26 Terminate services on Fulford Main St.
5.45m Clifton Green 2, 19, 29, 30, 31 A1237, Boroughbridge Rd.
A19 Shipton Rd 2, 29, 30, 31 A1237, Boroughbridge Rd.
Salisbury Road 2, 10 Poppleton Rd.
Hamilton Drive 16 York Rd.

* Height of River Ouse above normal summer levels, measured at the Viking Recorder (near Lendal Bridge in York city centre).

Locations are shown on the map below:

Flood advice

Cycle paths affected by flooding

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