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Journey to School Animation

Journey to School Animation

iTravel has commissioned Digifish Ltd to create the main animation (shown above), together with three shorts of a similar nature (shown below).

Most schools suffer from inconsiderate driver behaviour around the school entrance and in nearby streets, putting children's safety at risk. Drivers often do not realise just how much their behaviour affects young children, making it difficult, unsafe or unpleasant to walk or cycle to school.

Children love to walk, scoot or cycle to school, meeting their friends along the way. These engaging and unique animated films highlight in a humorous way how inconsiderate behaviour affects children walking or cycling to school from their point of view. Children cannot see over or past cars to spot oncoming vehicles the way adults can, making it more dangerous for them. Their small size also means drivers often can not see children either.  

The animation finishes with what the journey to school could look like if all drivers behaved thoughtfully and considerately. Remember, the zig zags outside a school are there to provide a safe crossing place for children where drivers and pedestrians can see each other, parking there, even for a moment blocks that view and makes it more dangerous for anyone trying to cross there.

If you drive your child to school have you tried:

  • Parking a little further away from school and walking the last bit;
  • Using your school’s park and walk site (if it has one);
  • Walking, scooting or cycling to school at least one day a week;
  • Car sharing with a friend;
  • Setting up a walking bus in your school?

These three shorter length animations highlight particular situations a child might encounter:

At a zebra crossing

This short asks drivers to take care at zebra crossings and to look out for children trying to cross:

At a road junction

This short shows how parking right on a junction blocks the view of both drivers and any pedestrians crossing. Drivers are asked to keep junctions clear so everybody can see.

Parking on the pavement

This short highlights the problems parking on the pavement causes pedestrians and how unpleasant and dangerous it is for them if they are forced to go on to the road to get past. Please park on the road, not the pavement or find somewhere else to park.