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Upcoming service changes

The table below shows a summary of upcoming changes to bus services in York.

Links to further informaton on operators' websites are shown where available.

Change Date Service No. Operator Brief summary of changes
24/10/15 X75 Dalesbus Winter timetable.
22/11/15 1 First Daytime frequency reduced to every 12 mins.
22/11/15 6 First Revised route: Clifton Moor - City Centre - Heslington East. Daytime frequency reduced to every 15 mins.
22/11/15 4 First Revised route: Acomb - City Centre
22/11/15 10 First Daytime frequency increased to every 30 mins.
22/11/15 X10 First New route: Dunnington - City Centre - Askham Bar Tesco
22/11/15 11 First Additional am journeys.
06/12/15 44 Unibus University holiday timetable.