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Upcoming service changes i-Travel York

Upcoming service changes

The table below shows a summary of upcoming changes to bus services in York.

Change Date Service No. Operator Brief summary of changes
25/01/15 18 East Yorkshire Motor Services Minor timetable changes to Monday to Friday journeys departing York between 15:30 and 18:30.
25/01/15 747 East Yorkshire Motor Services The 11:30 and 14:00 departures from Pocklington will be routed via Nunnery Lane before arriving at York Rail Station.
26/01/15 412 Connexions Buses Monday to Saturday this service will arrive and depart Piccadilly 5 mins later on all but the last inbound and outbound journeys of each day.
26/01/15 415

Timetable changes including Increased frequency.

01/02/15 31
Stephenson's Minor timetable and route changes.
05/04/15 184 Stephenson's

New Sunday Service to Easingwold.

05/04/15 185 Stephenson's New Sunday Service to Helmsley via Castle Howard.