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Why use Park & Ride?

This short film shows just how easy it is to reach the heart of the city with Park & Ride:

Still not convinced? Here are some more great reasons to try Park & Ride:

Low cost

Park & Ride is one of the most cost-effective forms of transport, particularly compared with the car. Stored value or season tickets offer even better value for money.

More free time

Using public transport for part of your journey frees up a little more time to do something you enjoy. Catch up on emails, chat with friends, read the paper or simply relax, let someone else do the driving, and prepare for the day ahead.

Faster end-to-end journeys

Prioritised traffic lights and dedicated bus lanes on main routes allow Park & Ride buses to get in and out of the city quickly. With fewer stopping points than local bus services, Park & Ride services are much faster than driving into the city at peak times.

Frequent and convenient

Park & Ride services take you into the heart of the city within minutes- great in wet weather or when you're carrying heavy bags. Services are very frequent with buses at least every ten minutes.

Economic growth and better air quality

Using Park & Ride helps cut congestion by keeping more cars out of the city centre. Congestion restricts business and has a severe cost to the economy. Reducing congestion means faster journey times for everyone and improved air quality. Fewer vehicles on the road also improves the ambience of the city and our quality of life.

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