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York’s hi-tech approach to tackle congestion

City of York Council

Monday 30th April 2018

Driving, Going to Work

City of York Council is pioneering intelligent transport technology to tackle congestion on the city’s roads.

In the first of two Department for Transport projects which could change the way traffic is managed in the UK, the council has installed special sensors from Lendal Arch gyratory and along the A59.

These will pick up anonymous, ‘hashed’, mobile phone signals and data from connected cars.

The council can then combine this with other data – like real-time bus movements – to give a complete picture of how traffic behaves.

This will help the council to set traffic signals which respond to how traffic actually behaves, especially in events like sudden downpours. 

The A59 scheme, called Eboracum, is a £450,000 research project. it will be the first time a UK city has used real-time data to set its traffic management tools.

The council can take its hi-tech traffic management citywide after winning a further £2.85m from the government’s national productivity fund for its revolutionary Smarter Travel Evolution Programme (STEP) programme.

Starting this month, the two year STEP project will transform the way the council manages the city’s roads, from changes to how traffic lights react to traffic flows through to designing junctions and road improvements.

This will also allow the council to better understand and model the potential impact of changes and demands on the network such as new homes and employment sites are created.

STEP will also provide ready-made technology to communicate with the connected and autonomous vehicles which are predicted to revolutionise transport with this data. 

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