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York pupils gear up for Walk to School Week

Over 8,000 pupils across the city are getting ready to take Walk to School week in their stride between 16 – 20 May.

Twenty nine primary schools in York are taking part in this year’s campaign to encourage even more children to walk, cycle or scoot to school.

Executive Member for Transport and Planning, Cllr Ian Gillies, said: "Walk to school week is an extremely popular campaign in York and brings many benefits including improving the environment and health. Children who walk to school are proven to be more alert in lessons. It is a great opportunity for pupils who might not normally walk, scoot or cycle to try changing the way in which they travel to school. This also helps towards the 60-minutes of recommended daily exercise."

Bishopthorpe Primary School Head teacher, Jenny Langley, said: “We have very much enjoyed participating in Walk to School Week again this year to raise awareness of road safety and travel issues around our school.

Bishopthorpe Primary School Year 2 Travel Ambassadors said: "Walk to School Week is good for us. It keeps us healthy because we are not using our cars. We are also helping to keep the air clean and safe for everyone."

Walk to School week enables children aged five to sixteen to take part and do at least 60 minutes of physical activity that gets their heart beating faster than usual – which they’re encouraged to do every day to help them keep fit and healthy.

Regular activity is also important for adults and it is recommended that adults make sure they’re active for just 30 minutes each day, or 150 minutes a week. Just walking their children to school and back each day will meet this target for adults.

The scheme is also targeted at families who normally take the car and encourages them to consider walking, scooting or cycling to school instead.