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York Clean Air Zone survey- give us your views

City of York Council would like to hear your views on proposals to introduce a new Clean Air Zone for the part of York within and including the inner ring road.

Unlike other parts of the country where a Clean Air Zone is a mandatory requirement, City of York Council is proactively looking to introduce a Clean Air Zone. This will help to reduce the amount of traffic pollutants in York’s city centre, which are mainly caused by diesel vehicles. These high levels of emissions can be harmful to your health.

The council is looking at many ways to improve air quality in the city centre. One of these options is by working with bus operators to apply the proposed Clean Air Zone to local bus services. The evidence gathered through York’s Third Air Quality Action Plan shows that local bus services make up 3% of the traffic but cause 27% of the main pollutants in York. 

By limiting the numbers of worst-polluting diesel buses travelling through the Clean Air Zone, the amount of harmful pollutants will be reduced, achieving air quality benefits.

The council understands that the city’s local bus services play a vital role in bringing people into York to work, shop or enjoy the many visitor attractions and amenities, so it’s important that you provide views on these proposed changes through the survey.

To find out more and to complete the survey, visit

The consultation is open until midnight on Friday 3rd August 2018.