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When will Parliament Street Bike Racks Return?

Tuesday 28th January 2020


Bike Racks are anticipated to return to Parliament Street in the next few weeks. However, there is currently no specific date for the reinstallation.

Additional racks were installed before the Parliament Street racks were removed. These were located as close as realistically possible to the original location, taking into consideration the space required for counter-terrorism measures. These are located as follows:

  • Davygate (3 locations)
  • Church Street (2 locations)
  • Piccadilly (outside Lloyds Bank)
  • At the rear of All Saints Church
  • At the King's Square end of St Andrewgate
  • Outside Barclays Bank on Parliament Street

Installation of racks was also intended at the Old Post Office on Lendal but building and demolition works associated with the Guildhall project prevented this.

Elected members and other stakeholders are currently reviewing the distribution of racks on Parliament Street ahead of their reinstallation, with the possibility of an increased spread rather than the two large blocks as prior. Please be assured that the same number of spaces will return as were removed, with racks slightly further apart to ensure an easier fit. Until a decision is reached regarding the positioning of the racks, they will remain at their current temporary locations.

The long term intention is to move racks from Parliament Street to the temporary locations only during large events such as the Christmas Market.