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Thousands of residents sign up to iTravel York

Friday 17th July 2015

ITY Programme

Thousands of residents have signed up to our iTravel York campaign after getting free face-to-face travel advice at home or at their place of work.

In the most extensive door-to-door exercise ever carried out in the city, travel advisers have been providing tailored travel advice in the Poppleton and Acomb wards and attended 42 community and workplace events across the city to encourage the public to consider using more sustainable and active modes of transport.

More than 2,600 participants are already benefiting from the initiative this year: 781 from household contact, 865 from community events and 954 from workplace events.

Over 700 tailored travel information packs have been requested by households and more than 600 residents are taking part in a personal travel challenge to try out a new travel option such as walking, cycling, buses or car sharing.  More than 150 children are also taking part in an active travel challenge to try cycling, walking or staying active for 60-minutes a day.

Participants who successfully complete a challenge can enter into regular prize draws for the chance to win a range of prizes including cinema vouchers or tickets to other York attractions.

More than 100 residents have joined i-Travel York’s online travel club MyTravelYork this year to receive the latest travel news and updates by email.

Residents are given information such as bus and cycle maps and offered personal travel ‘challenges’ to try out a new form of sustainable transport with incentives such as a pedometer, a free AllYork bus taster ticket or discounted cycle training to help them on their way.

The campaign specifically targets areas of the city where there are high numbers of short car trips to employment and retail destinations and is supported by government funding.

Residents can take advantage of i-Travel York’s free travel advice or sign up for news and updates at MyTravelYork.

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