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Switched On event planned for iTravel Savvy month

Thursday 5th September 2019

Walking, Cycling, Buses, Going to Work, Businesses

Month-long campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable transport

A variety of electric cars and bikes will be showcased at a Switched On event being staged by City of York Council’s iTravel team as part of a month-long programme of activities aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of sustainable forms of transport.

Switched On will take place at Monks Cross Shopping Centre on Saturday 14 September, from 10am to 4pm. Everyone is welcome to go along for free, independent advice and information.

The council’s Executive Member for Transport, Cllr Andy D’Agorne, said: “There will be a wide a selection of plug-in cars and electric bicycles on display, as well as free, independent advice on all things electric vehicle-related, courtesy of the iTravel team.

“If you like the idea of switching to electric and would like to find out more, do go along and chat to the team and take a look at some of the cars and bikes on display.

The Switched On event is just one of a series of activities planned for September as part of the team’s latest iTravel Savvy campaign. They will also be visiting workplaces across York with their sustainable travel message, asking commuters ‘are you travelling savvy’, as well as organising a series of volunteer-led, clean-up events to tidy up the city’s key walking and cycling routes.

This year, the iTravel team has linked up with the online platform Love To Ride and is encouraging York cyclists to register at for the chance to win lots of great prizes. Those who do register can log details of their cycling journeys around the city, set goals for themselves, and encourage friends and family members to get involved, as well as further cementing York’s proud reputation as a cycling city by contributing to the number of miles clocked up by the city’s cyclists compared with those in other areas of the country.

In mid-August, 16 workplaces from across the city were represented at a free networking breakfast event at City Screen, where they were able to access information and advice on promoting sustainable travel to and from the workplace. A number of guest speakers shared their own inspiring ideas and examples of how employees can be encouraged to ditch their cars in favour of sustainable forms of transport, such as buses, bicycles and walking.

Among the guest speakers was Sarah Murdoch, senior environmental consultant at TSP Projects Ltd, a York-based business that has been particularly proactive in promoting sustainable travel to its workforce.

Sarah explained: “There’s so much free help, support and advice available through the council’s iTravel team; I’d definitely encourage other employers to make full use of it.

“Here at TSP Projects, we are lucky that our office location is just around the corner from the train station and numerous bus stops. We actively encourage staff to cycle where possible and over 40 staff already do this on a regular basis. We are currently working on a business travel plan to explore new ways in which we can introduce sustainable travel. It’s an initiative that is under constant review as new opportunities arise.”

 iTravel Savvy month aims to highlight the many benefits to the individual of adopting sustainable forms of transport, which include saving money and improving their health and well-being, as well as the benefits to the wider community and the environment, which include reducing congestion and improving air quality.

For more information about iTravel Savvy, visit or email