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Stonebow bus stops set to reopen on Monday

On Monday 5th March, bus services will return to their normal stops at Stonebow following relocation during the refurbishment of Stonebow House.

The temporary stops outside Marks and Spencer, and further down Stonebow will close. Stops SA-SC will reopen with wider pavements and better lighting, significantly improving the environment for passengers. Seating will also be improved later in the year.

At the same time, three bus stops at Rougier Street CA-CC, for buses heading in the direction of York Station, will close to allow a new bus shelter to be to be put in place following the refurbishment of Roman House.

The Rougier Street stops will reopen towards the end of April after the new shelter has been completed.  The new shelter will be a substantial improvement with better lighting, improved seating and in-shelter CCTV.

For more detailed information on the stop changes, see our bus route diversions page.

Councillor Ian Gillies, Executive Member for Planning and Transport, said “The improvements at the Stonebow and Rougier Street bus stops will help to make the areas better for residents, visitors and York’s many bus passengers. Our continued work will help to bring them up to the same standard as the new stop on Museum Street which has received great feedback.”