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Proposed changes to Wigginton Road highway layout to be considered

City of York Council

Thursday 18th October 2018

Cycling, Buses, Driving, Going to Work

Following consultation with local residents and businesses, City of York Council’s Executive Member for Transport and Planning is being asked to approve revised plans to update key junctions on Wigginton Road.

During the summer months, local people were invited to have their say on a proposal to rebuild the traffic lights at the junction between Haxby Road, Wigginton Road, Clarence Street and Lowther Street, as well as the Scarborough Terrace cycle path/footway, and replace the existing mini-roundabout between Wigginton Road and Fountayne Street with a conventional priority junction.

Feedback received by the council during the consultation period suggested that, although there is general support for the reconfiguration of the Wigginton Road/Haxby Road traffic signals, residents and businesses would not support the removal of the Fountayne Street mini-roundabout because they felt it would cause the traffic conditions that they experience there to worsen. However, they also expressed the view that the current arrangement is not working effectively either.

At a Decision Session on 25th October, the Executive Member, Councillor Peter Dew, will be asked to accept a recommendation to go ahead with the changes to the Wigginton Road/Haxby Road junction, but not proceed with replacing the mini-roundabout at the Fountayne Street and Wigginton Road junction.

The consultation process also highlighted three additional areas for consideration by the council, including a proposal for its road safety team to assess how the Fountayne Street and Wigginton Road junction might be improved in the short to medium-term. With so much development taking place in the Haxby Road and Wigginton Road areas, the need to consider planning, transport and infrastructure issues more widely was highlighted, as was the need for the council to continue its work with York Hospital to increase the use of sustainable modes of transport.

A proposal by York Bus Forum to divert a portion of the Better Bus Area funding allocated to the £250,000-improvement project to supporting a new bus service to the hospital was ruled out because the money was awarded to the council specifically for capital/infrastructure measures by the Department for Transport, and cannot be spent on supporting a bus service.      

The proposals are aimed at improving journey times for traffic, particularly buses, on Wigginton Road, as well as improving the pavements and crossing points for pedestrians.

It’s estimated that the scheme will reduce inbound journey times on Wigginton Road in the morning rush hour by around 1.5 minutes, with other, smaller reductions across the day, which means that its value for money rating is ‘high’, as defined by the Department for Transport.

If the report is approved by the Executive Member, the work will be carried out during the first four months of 2019.