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Parking discount changes for low emission vehicles

Friday 9th November 2018

Driving, Electric Vehicles

City of York Council is reviewing its criteria for residents who purchase permits for low emission vehicles.

The changes will be brought to a councillor decision session meeting on 15th November.

The council currently charges for residents’ parking (household permits) and car parking season tickets based on the emission rating and size of vehicles that produce less than 120g/km of CO2 (low on carbon and low on air pollution).

Residents who qualify for this are entitled to a 50% discount on certain types of parking permits, if they have a low emission vehicle.

If the changes are brought in, the council’s discount threshold will change, so that vehicles omitting 75g/km or less of CO2 will only qualify for the 50% discount.

Cllr Peter Dew, Executive Member for Transport said: “Whilst air quality has improved in York over the last seven years, we know there is still more to be done. Introducing these new changes will encourage residents and visitors to use vehicles which have a lower environmental impact.”

Cllr Andrew Waller, Executive Member for the Environment, said:“It is crucial that, as a council, we continue to utilise our powers to improve air quality and reduce pollution in the city.  By reviewing our parking criteria, we can encourage more people to use low emission vehicles and avoid the vehicles that emit more pollution.

“Research shows that air pollution is connected with a wide range of adverse health conditions and that is why we are determined to improve the city’s air quality and build on the work we have already achieved.”

It will also ensure that the council’s policy is aligned with Government changes to reductions for ultra low emission vehicles (ULEV) and vehicle tax bandings (VED).

If approved, the changes will be brought in from April 2019. This could affect around 200 existing discounted season ticket holders and 1,100 discounted resident parking permit holders.

The discount period for existing vehicles/permits will be extended for up to four years. However, if they change their vehicle the new rules will apply. Discounts will still apply for residents on a limited income.

City of York Council will notify existing permit holders and resident parking permit holders.
Discounted season tickets cost £77.50 per month (standard cost £155.) or £580 per year (standard cost £1,160).

Discounted household permits cost £49.98 a year or £15.25 a quarter (standard cost £99.95 a year or £30.50 a quarter).

A report will be taken to the Executive Member for Transport on Thursday 15th November.This meeting is being held at West Offices from 2pm and is open to members of the public and is available to watch later online at

To find out more about the report visit