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Executive to be asked to agree Hyper Hubs plan

Friday 8th March 2019

Park and Ride, Electric Vehicles

City of York Council’s Executive will be asked to agree to progress plans to develop rapid charging points – known as Hyper Hubs - for electric vehicles at two locations in the city.

A report that will be considered at a meeting on Monday 18th March explains that the council’s bid for a European Regional Development Fund grant towards the cost of the project has been successful, and also seeks agreement for the initial consultation phase of the project to begin in May.
If the go-ahead is given, Hyper Hubs will be developed adjacent to the Monks Cross and Poppleton Bar Park & Ride sites. The Hyper Hubs will combine solar energy harvesting and storage with electric vehicle charging points, reducing the reliance of electric vehicles on the UK electricity grid and, at the same time, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
A solar canopy would be erected over approximately 100 car parking spaces, with an energy storage facility located nearby. There would be a number of rapid charging points for use by private car owners, taxi drivers and business users. Depending on the vehicle, a charge could take as little as 15 to 20 minutes.
If approved, the £1.5 million cost of the project will be met using £800,000 of Go Ultra Low funding from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles and £700,000 of European Regional Development Funding. The council is also working to deliver a Hyper Hub with York Hospital.
Councillor Peter Dew, Executive Member for Transport and Planning, said: “In recent years, the council has worked with partners to deliver electric vehicle charging points in council car parks, shopping parks and at leisure centres, encouraging the take-up of electric vehicles in the city. The inclusion of rapid charging facilities answers a long-held aspiration for electric vehicle owners.”
Councillor Andrew Waller, Executive Member for the Environment, said: “The on-going development of electric vehicle charging points around the city and this proposal to create Hyper Hubs reflect the council’s commitment to promoting sustainable transport, reducing our carbon footprint and improving air quality.”
To find out more about the report, or to attend the Executive meeting, visit