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Elvington pupils learn about road safety

Pupils from City of York Council’s Elvington Church of England Primary School will learn how to stay safe around large vehicles when they take part in a Child Road Safety Programme on Tuesday 9 June.

Presenters from the logistics company, Gist, will use the HGV to help pupils understand stopping distances and driver ‘blind spots’. Afterwards, the children will also be given the opportunity to sit inside the cab of the vehicle and see for themselves the view from the driver’s seat.

This is then followed by an interactive presentation that includes a session on general road safety to support national curriculum requirements as well as providing clear advice on how they can stay safe on the roads as pedestrians and cyclists.

Christine Packer, School Travel Plan Coordinator, said: “The Gist programme helps to instil road safety awareness in children from an early age in a fun and informative way. It’s important that young people have a good understanding of the difficulties and limitations for drivers of large lorries.”

Martin Gwynn, Gist Chief Executive said: “Gist’s focus on safety within our operations has always been essential, but we also feel it is important to pass on practical safety messages to young people to help make our communities as safe as possible.”

Jenny Rogers, Headteacher, said: “We’ve all been really looking forward to the HGV visiting school. The programme will enjoyable for the children and having first-hand experiences will make them more aware of the risks associated with HGVs. There are lots of HGVs travelling through the village of Elvington and therefore it is really important for the children to learn to be as safe as they can be around them.”