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Derwenthorpe to benefit from iTravel York advice service

Friday 24th July 2015

ITY Programme

Derwenthorpe residents will soon be able to benefit from our Personalised Travel Planning programme.

As part of the continuing development of Derwenthorpe, Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust’s new community, travel advisers will be providing tailored travel advice for residents to encourage them to try out sustainable modes of travel from their new homes. Travel advisers will be out and about speaking with residents from 27th July.

The iTravel York team will provide information such as bus and cycle maps, and offer personal travel ‘challenges’ for individuals to try out a new form of sustainable transport. To help them on their way, participants in Derwenthorpe will be offered significant incentives to try new forms of travel, such as free bus tickets, City Car Club membership, and vouchers towards bikes or cycling / walking equipment. York based Get Cycling, will also provide a community bike loan offer whereby a resident can loan a bike and equipment for three weeks to try out cycling, with the option of purchasing the bike at a discount at the end of this period.

Cllr Ian Gillies, Executive Member for Transport and planning, said: “Many York residents have already benefited from the iTravel York free travel advice service and this is a great opportunity for the residents of Derwenthorpe to look at how they can travel more sustainably.”

Owen Daggett, Sustainability Manager at the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust, said: “Derwenthorpe is a low carbon scheme, which we designed to help residents use less energy at home. We also want to ensure that we encourage more sustainable travel patterns. This project will help Derwenthorpe residents to cut carbon emissions and save money outside the home as well as within it.”

Residents can also sign up to MyTravelYork for news and updates and also compare travel options using our Journey Planner.