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Getting to Work

Fancy exploring an alternative commute to work? Your commute is one of the most regular journeys you'll make- a good or bad journey to work can make a real difference to your entire day.

You can now plan your commute easily using our Journey Planner. The planner finds routes and directions fast for walking, cycling, public transport, Park&Ride and driving options in the York area. You can also compare the time, cost and convenience of different travel options, and get live travel information on how services are running. If you're going further afield, our planner can also help you with trips to/from anywhere in the UK to any destination within 15 miles of York.

For more ideas on commuting, read our top tips below, or you can watch clips of i-Travel York commuters in action, talking about their journeys to work.

Here're our top tips on commuting in York:

When it comes to planning a journey, your commute will probably be the one you're most familiar with. It can often be the deciding factor when taking up a new job or leaving an old one, so it's important to know all your travel options. Even if you've looked in the past, it's always good to check again for new bus services being introduced or new cycle routes that could make a positive change to your daily commute.

Cutting costs

Do consider how much it really costs to get to work! If you drive, you'll be fully aware of the cost of fuel, as well as the wear and tear on the car that commuting can cause. But MOTs, servicing, road tax and high insurance premiums also all add to the cost of your daily commute. If you use public transport, ticket costs are all you need to consider. If you walk or cycle regularly, the only costs you might have to consider are a small outlay for cycle locks or helmets or perhaps a good pair of shoes.

Why not work out your commuting costs by dividing any annual fees by twelve, adding your fuel expenditure, and  comparing this it against your monthly salary. If the number you see makes your eyes water a little, there are a number of ways you can bring the cost down.

If you drive, find out how you can be more fuel-efficient and reduce wear on your engine, or consider splitting the cost by car-sharing.
If you take the bus, Park & Ride, or train consider getting a season ticket to save on daily fares. Our range of AllYork tickets are really useful if you need to use different bus services or be completely flexible with your bus trips.
You could also switch the way you travel and try walking or cycling more to make significant savings.

Reducing stress

Money isn't the only cost connected to your journey. The stress of waiting in traffic jams, worrying about being late and travelling during the busiest time of the day all take their toll. Not many people would choose a commute that was more stressful than it needed to be.

Taking the bus allows you to relax and gives you the opportunity to read a book, catch up on the news, or prepare for your morning meeting. Bus lanes and priority bus lanes reduce traffic delays for bus passengers, and the fact you don't have to drive can reduce your stress levels further.

Cycling to work is the preferred choice for many in York - its the fastest mode of travel for short urban trips. Having control over your commute, journey times that are constant, and the ability to avoid road delays are some of the many benefits of cycling. You can also enjoy the bonus of getting some exercise along the way - and still get to work on time! 

Saving time

Nobody likes to be late for work, or late getting home. Given the choice, most people would spend more time in bed and less time on the road, choosing a travel option that gets you from A to B the quickest, with minimal delays! Use our Journey Planner to help you find the fastest way about town. You can also access real-time information on how buses are running when you use our planner, or through the YourNextBus service.

Visit our iBus, iCycle, iWalk or iShare pages to find out more about different ways to travel in York.

For information on travel planning services for employers in York, please see our Business section for more details.