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York’s JourneySafe campaign: iPledge

Pledge your support in making the roads in York safer for all. Whether you walk, run, cycle or drive you and your community can make a real difference. You can choose to support one or more of five pledges as part of York's NEW JourneySafe campaign.

These issues are often referred to as the ‘killer five’ by the emergency services:

  • Failure to look (respect on the roads)
  • Travelling too fast for conditions (speed)
  • Distraction/Inattention (using a mobile phone)
  • Incorrect use of a seatbelt and child car seats
  • Being under the influence of drink/drugs

JourneySafe is about promoting courtesy, politeness, looking out for each other and accepting responsibility and showing respect as we travel round York.

Fill out the form further down this page to make your pledge and we will add you to our pledge map. See how many in your street have signed up and encourage more to do so by becoming a Community Champion.

Community Champions will receive a resource pack with factsheets on each of the five pledges, as well as a discussion guide, a quantity of iPledge cards and a number of road safety goodies to give out along with the pledge cards.

Request your Community Pledge Pack or multiple iPledge cards through the post by contacting us.

Take your iPledge now:

I care about the communities and neighbourhoods in York and therefore I pledge to:

Revisit the highway code at


* indicates a required field

Your pledge will be added to the York Pledge Map.