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E-Cycle switch York FAQ

E-Cycle Switch FAQs

Why have you stopped processing new applications for 2-wheel e-cycle trials?

We are no longer taking new applications for 2-wheel e-cycle trials, as we have received high demand and have collected a waitlist of other applications. The funding for the scheme is limited and only allows a certain amount of trials to be delivered, with a large proportion of these trials already booked or delivered.

As and when participating bike shops tell us they have some trials spaces available, we’ll work through the waitlist. Further trial spaces may become available if we have cancellations, no shows or any future funding.

Please note that this does not currently affect trials using inclusive/adapted e-cycles offered by Get Cycling – these applications will still be accepted and processed.

If I decide to purchase an e-cycle, can I use the Cycle to Work scheme?

The discount can’t be used on top of any cycle to work scheme but finance plans may be available alongside the discount. You’re welcome to have a trial and then either use the discount or go through the cycle to work scheme, whichever ends up being the best option for you on the e-cycle you’d like to purchase.

Where can I use my discount?

You can use your discount at any bike shop participating in the discount scheme. You can purchase any of the models of e-cycle sold by any of the shops participating in the discount scheme. You don’t need to buy the model that you borrowed for your trial. Currently the shops available are:

How do I claim my child-carrying equipment discount?

Those trialling an e-cycle and child-carrying equipment will be eligible for a discount of up to £100 towards the purchase of any child-carrying equipment sold by any of the participating shops. This is in addition to the other discounts on offer through E-Cycle Switch, and does not need to be used alongside these other discounts to be accessed. In other words, you could buy a child seat or trailer with the up to £100 discount, even if you don’t buy an e-cycle with the £300 discount. The discount will cover the cost of the equipment, up to the value of £100. To claim this discount, follow the steps set out in the question How do I claim my discount? below.

Can I use my discount on any bike?

Discounts can only be used on e-cycles, including inclusive e-cycles. Non-electric cycles and e-Cargo cycles are not eligible.

You can choose from any of the models of e-cycle sold by any of the shops participating in the discount scheme.

Can I only purchase the e-cycle that I’m using for the free trial?

You can’t purchase the exact e-cycle that you used for the free trial. You can purchase the same model of e-cycle if you wish, or any model of e-cycle sold by any shop participating in the discount scheme.

How do I claim my discount?

Once you know which e-cycle you want to buy, you just need to give your chosen bike shop your Participant ID number. This ID number will have been given to you after you completed your application, and is unique to you.

If you choose to buy from a different shop to the one that provided your trial, they will check our records to make sure you’re eligible for the discount. If there are any issues with this, you can ask them to contact the shop that provided your trial, or, for support.

You’d then make your purchase in the usual way, with the discount taken off of the final purchase price. You will have 30 days from the date your trial ended to claim the discount, which would be done by either paying a deposit or paying in full.

Please note: If you wish to use Halfords, they require you to contact them for a voucher code to provide the £300 discount, which will be needed before releasing the e-bike to you. This is not a requirement from the Council. You can receive this code by sending an email to quoting your allocated ID number and stating which bike shop provided your trial. You’ll then get an email back from them with a code that you can provide to the staff in store. We would suggest first picking out which e-bike you would like to buy, either by visiting/calling the York Fosse store or visiting the Halfords website, then placing your order and requesting the code.

Do I have to use my discount immediately after my trial?

No, there’s no pressure to use your discount immediately after your trial. However, your discount will expire automatically 30 days after your trial. This is done to give you time to explore your options and to help us forecast costs for the scheme more accurately.

For example, if you returned the e-cycle at the end of your trial on 30/07/21, the last day you could claim the discount would be 29/08/21.

If you feel you need more time, please contact us by email at

Can I have my trial in conjunction with a family member or friend?

This is absolutely fine, as long as availability allows. You and your family member/friend should submit separate application forms then discuss doing your trials together with your chosen Bike Shop.

I have never cycled on the road before, is this scheme still for me?

Yes, you can take part in the scheme even if you haven’t cycled on the road before. We are offering all trial participants a free cycle training session with one of our qualified Cycle Instructors, which is tailored to you to help improve your confidence and safety on the road. If you are interested, please complete the Urban Cycle Skills Booking Form found here (Please note: You should select the £5 session within the booking form, however you will not be charged this £5 if you are completing an e-cycle trial).

How do I know if I’m eligible?

The only factors which would make you ineligible for the scheme are any one or more of the below:

  • You are under 18 years old
  • You don’t live, work or study in the City of York Council area
  • You already own an e-cycle

I’m a jobseeker, how do I claim my offer?

In the application form, you’ll be asked if you’re a jobseeker. After selecting this and submitting your form, you will be required to present a letter from your work coach confirming your jobseeker status to the bike shop, before taking the e-cycle on a trial.

My question isn’t covered on this page

If we haven’t addressed your question on this page or on our other pages, please email