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Cycling and Walking to School

Cycling and Walking to School


Keep fit and healthy - walk, cycle or scoot to school

As schools start to re-open to all pupils in September, we are following government guidance on how your child can get to and from school safely.

Social distancing rules are still in effect, so pupils should walk, cycle or scoot to school if they can. If you do have to use the car, try to park a short distance away from the school and walk the last bit.

Changing the school run is a simple way to foster healthy habits

A small change to your routine can help tackle childhood health issues like obesity and keep children active into adulthood.

It’s also one way you can reduce road congestion and improve air quality in York.

Why are walking, cycling and scooting the best choices for children?

  •     They help pupils reach the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day
  •     They are a great way to develop children’s road safety skills
  •     You will actively contribute to keeping roads free from congestion and improve air quality
  •     Children will arrive at school alert for lessons
  •     It’s free to walk to school, helping you reduce household costs

Quickly plan your route to school and avoid rush-hour traffic

Find routes that avoid busy roads and ones that suit your ability level.
Download a cycle route map to plan your active journey here.

Enjoy cycling and walking? Find out more…

From a choice of cycle routes around the country to safety tips on maintaining your family's bikes, our partners have lots of information to make cycling and walking fun for everyone.

For more ideas and resources visit:
Walk to School (Living Streets)
Essential cycling skills for families (Bikeability)

Sustrans: Cycling safety for children
For further guidance on how to travel safely visit: Walking and cycling (GOV.UK)

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