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About travel to education

York is the second fastest growing city in the country and one of the most attractive places in which to live and study. It has excellent schools and colleges that deliver a first rate education. However, it is well documented that the journey to and from education, particularly primary schools, can cause significant traffic congestion.

Many schools report significant parking and congestion problems as a result of children being driven to their site. This congestion contributes to an increase in air pollution that can have a significant impact on health, particularly respiratory problems. The volumes of traffic outside schools can also make families feel unsafe walking or cycling. By choosing the car instead, this in turn further exacerbates the problem.

Our vision for i-Travel York is to reduce the impact of the ‘school run’ on the environment by cutting congestion and emissions and to make it safer for children to chose walking and cycling as their preferred mode of travel to school.

We are also working with education establishments across York city to encourage young people to choose sustainable forms of transport when travellling to college or university in the city - such as walking, cycling or using the bus - instilling good travel habits for the future.