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About business in York

As the second fastest growing city in the country, and one of the most attractive places in which to live and work, York is faring well in the tough economic climate. The city supports more than 80,000 jobs and contributes £3bn of value to the national economy.

This economic activity does, however, have the potential to generate significant traffic in York for the journey to work, business travel and the supply chain. This results in business losses through reduced productivity and a lack of accessibility.  Businesses can play a major part in reducing traffic congestion through effective travel planning.

York offers international industry and research expertise in the biosciences, healthcare, medical, bio-renewables, and environmental sectors and is home to two Universities. As the UK’s top tourist destination last year, the travel and tourism industry is an important source of revenue for the city.

Our vision for i-Travel York is to increase economic growth in the city, and reduce the impact of the commute to work and business travel on the environment, by cutting congestion and emissions. 

This will be delivered through an integrated programme of personal, business and school travel planning combined with targeted improvements to cycle routes and public transport facilities to increase travel choices.