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How to charge your car

Charging an electric car is not that different to charging a mobile phone. You simply plug one end into the car, the other into the socket and leave for a few hours until charged up. 

Charging at home

Most electric cars come with a cable you can plug in at home to a normal 13 Amp socket. These can happily trickle charge overnight, or while you work, at a rate of about 10 miles per hour of charge.

Rapid Chargers

There are also faster socket types which allow higher speed charging. A 32A (single phase) will add 30 miles per hour and 32A (three phase) will add 90 miles per hour. A Rapid charger (up to 50kW) can top up a car at a rate of 200 miles per hour. In practice, an electric car will Rapid charge in only 20-30 mins.

Public Car Park Charging points

Some City of York Council car parks now have electric vehicle charging points installed. These are accessed with a Pay-As-You-Go system which is simple and convenient to use. You can use an app, a mobile phone, or a swipecard to access power. Information on the payment system and how to register can be found at Charge Your Car.

Each charge point has a Type 2 socket (32A) and 3 pin socket (up to 16A) for standard EVSE cables.

Find your nearest charging location for electric vehicles in York at Where to charge your car.

For more information about electric vehicles and charging your car, download a copy of Go Ultra Low's guide from the bottom right of this page.