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Where to charge your car

There are lots of places in York where you can charge your electric vehicle in dedicated EV bays, with more planned as part of our recently announced Go Ultra Low York (GULEV) project.

Interactive Map

Zap Map provides a current and comprehensive interactive map of charging points across York and throughout the UK with handy filters and electric vehicle guides. Just type in 'York' in the search field.

According to GULEV, 96% of motorway services now have a rapid charger that will recharge your car to 80% in under 30 minutes. For more information on types of charger see How to charge your car.

Popular electric vehicle charging points in York

York Park & Ride sites:

Shopping centres:

City Centre public car parks:

  • Nunnery Lane Car Park  – YO23 1AA
  • Union Terrace Car Park  – YO31 7ES
  • Bootham Row Car Park  – YO30 7BP
  • Castle Car Park – YO1 9SA

Some of our public car parks now have simple to use pay-as-you-go EV charging points installed. For more information see How to charge your car.


Rapid charging points

Rapid charging using Chademo, CCS and AC is now available at:

For more information on using charging points see how to charge your car.

Useful Links

For more general information about electric vehicles, and examples of vehicles available, why not download a copy of Go Ultra Low's guide, from the bottom right hand side of this page.