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Take care when passing buses

Three major transport groups in York have teamed up to help promote cycling safely around buses. City of York Council's road safety team, York's Quality Bus Partnership and First York have developed a new advertising campaign aimed at cyclists.

The campaign warns cyclists of the danger of cycling alongside buses that are turning left at junctions. Due to the large nature of a bus or a HGV, when it turns, it will often take up all the available road or lane space to get around the corner. This means that any cyclists who are in the same space could be knocked off and fall under the wheels of the vehicle. Injuries sustained to riders as a result of these collisions are often serious, life changing or fatal.

Advertising on the back of buses across the city will display the message: 'Cyclists- beware when vehicle is turning left'. This advice is based on Rule 72 of the Highway Code: 'Do not ride down the inside of vehicles signaling or slowing down to turn left'.

As part of preventative measures, York’s road safety team were keen to launch the campaign following a number of serious incidents reported elsewhere in the country involving buses and cyclists. The team's advice is to stay well behind large vehicles at junctions.

For more information on cycling safely see the Highway Code web link on this page. Information on York's Quality Bus Partnership is also available on our website.