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Cycling City York

York was designated a Cycling City from 2008 - 2011 and received funding from the DfT (Department for Transport) via Cycling England to run a programme that inspired and motivated people in York to start cycling or to cycle more often.

Cycling City York:

  • Filled gaps in the cycle route network and provided more new routes
  • Improved the quality and availability of cycle parking
  • Provided cycling information, training and support to people of all ages and abilities
  • Raised greater awareness of the benefits of cycling and provided many opportunities for people of all ages to give cycling a try through events, challenges and more. 
  • Increased the levels of Cycling in York to around 15 per cent.

To continue to build on the momentum of the Cycling City York programme, York bid for and was successful in winning funding from the DfT's LSTF (Local Sustainable Transport Fund).

Our LSTF programme, called i-Travel York will allow us deliver an integrated programme of interventions, travel planning, communications and events on all sustainable travel modes. The programme runs until 2015. For more information on i-Travel York please contact us

Graham Titchener, Programme Manager for both programmes says of Cycling City York "Well, in no uncertain terms a lot has been achieved, and for those that have been living in York over these last three years, the sight of more cyclists on the road is a clear measure of what this programme has helped to achieve. Of course there have been other factors to consider such as fuel costs and the recession. Whether you like cyclists or not, if you see one around, chances are that represents one less car on the road, therefore if you choose to drive to your destination you may be getting there that bit quicker. Of course, if you aren't, then perhaps you should consider leaving the car at home when it is not necessary and either 'walk it', 'bike it', or 'bus it'. You could even 'share it' (your car that is) and find new ways to save money and keep you fitter as well as reducing your impact on the environment.

As the Cycling City York programme has now officially ended, we will  now be using the i-Travel York programme to build upon what has been accomplished and keep up the momentum as much as possible. We will also broaden the focus out to cover bus service improvements, walking, car sharing, cycling and, importantly, engagement with education centres and businesses. This will see us continue to work with schools and employers to reduce the number of people driving to school to drop their children off and then driving into work, when they live and work in York itself. This, of course, poses a safety risk outside of schools with parents dropping their kids off, both to the children and those walking or cycling past, significantly adding to the problem of congestion and the knock-on effects of pollution.

Using the Department for Transport's Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF), the i-Travel York programme has been launched to implement these measures. All of us working together will help to create a better York to live and work in.

Finally, and most importantly, Cycling City York was a partnership and a community-led programme, which showed that we all have a responsibility to do our bit and be aware of the consequences of our choices, both for ourselves, our loved ones, others around us, and indeed future generations."