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Don't skimp on the cost of buying locks - they're often the only thing stopping your valuable bike from being stolen!

There are a wide range of locks available and, generally speaking, you should be looking to spend at least £20 on a lock. Ask your local cycle retailer about Silver or Gold standard locks. These offer the best protection. The police also recommend you use two different types of locks to secure your bike if possible, such as a cable lock and a D-lock, as thieves are rarely equipped to break into both.


A good bike, if well maintained and well secured, will last for several years. Don't let yours get stolen!

Local cycle shops can offer advice on how to protect your bike against theft, and recommend the right lock for your bike, but here are a few handy hints:

  • Get your bike security marked if you can. See the Safer York Partnership website for more information on this.
  • Invest in a good quality lock such as a D-Lock, extension cable or heavy chain lock. Ask your local cycle retailer about Gold and Silver standard locks which offer the best protection.
  • If possible, use two different types of lock to secure your bike.
  • Keep a record of your frame number.
  • Take a photograph of your bike so you have an accurate description if it gets stolen.
  • Lock your bike wherever you leave it, even if you’re only leaving it for a few seconds.
  • Always secure your bike at home; fifty per cent of thefts happen here.
  • Remember to lock the frame and both wheels.
  • Always secure your bike to a stand or immovable object.
  • Lock your bike tightly to make the lock and cycle hard to manoeuvre for potential thieves.

Safer York Partnership

The Safer York Partnership, a group comprising North Yorkshire Police, City of York Council and other partners, has been tackling the problem of cycle theft for the last few years and has been successful in reducing the levels of cycle theft across York. Despite this, more than 1,000 bikes are stolen in York each year. The majority of bikes stolen are those left insecure - either unlocked or not locked properly - and are easily taken. For more advice on cycle security, please visit the Safer York Partnership website.