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The Winter family: sustainable travel champions

Working mother of two, Nicola Winter chatted to our Travel Adviser, Amy just after returning home from work. Nicola is a keen cyclist, and we soon discovered that the whole family are biking enthusiasts, pedalling to and from work and school on a daily basis, both for convenience and for general exercise.  

Nicola and husband James have also taken part in the British Heart Foundation’s annual 40 mile bike ride for the last few years, and are currently working up to this year’s event. They both signed up to the recent York Cycle Challenge at work, and enjoy cycling the Solar System route when not with their kids.

As for Nicola’s two girls, Lily and Amber, they enjoy using the BMX track near Clifton Park and going on family cycle rides along the riverside and through the woods to arrive in the city centre for a well-deserved ice-cream. “They eat loads but they are very active!” she quips, but then more seriously says that “I hope I can encourage my children to always be active”.

Whilst the family try not to use their car except for long distance trips and rarely have the need to use the bus, James’ retired parents who have just moved to the area from the south coast of England are big fans of the Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride bus, which serves the area. They think that the concessionary fare of 70p is “brilliant value” and is “better than any of the buses they used before moving to York”, says James.

As for the i-Travel York project, Nicola says: "It’s really good and exactly what is needed to make people realise the little changes they could make”. She believes that if everyone made a few small changes to the way they travelled it would make a big difference to York’s transport problems.

For more information on York's five Park & Ride sites and plans for the new Poppleton Bar Park & Ride site due to open in Spring 2014 see our Park & Ride section.