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The Hoult family ride away with a bike voucher

York family Mark and Helen Hoult and toddler Catherine became the lucky winners of a £50 i-Travel York voucher for Fulford Cycles when they undertook a family bike ride in August. 

A 35-mile round trip on the hottest day of the year might sound like an intimidating prospect for some, but Helen described it as “a lovely day out” to the Balloon Tree farm shop and cafe in Gate Helmsley. “It was nice to travel further afield and we liked the fact that it was 90 percent off road. Being out in the countryside is good for Catherine.”

Helen initially talked to an i-Travel York adviser at one of our summer fairs, where she pledged to go on a family bike ride for a travel challenge. “The i-Travel project is great in terms of making people aware of cycling,” Mark commented, “It gives you that push for going out on a bike. We've lived here for years but weren't aware that some of the cycle tracks existed!”

Helen and Mark’s best tips for cycling with a small child are to match longer distance rides with a specific destination – Catherine in particular likes stopping for play areas and swings! Off-road routes and knowledge of cut-throughs can also make cycling easier for those concerned about child safety. Helen and Mark hope that Catherine will continue getting used to bikes and feel comfortable with the idea of cycling as she grows up.

“I can definitely see the benefits” Mark says about cycling, “It gets my heart going and it gets me outdoors.” Helen agrees and adds: “Cycling creates stress-free time, away from focussing on the worries of work and home.” Needless to say, they are both delighted at this gift from Fulford Cycles – but are saving it for “something big and exciting!” Catherine was too busy looking at the exciting children’s bikes to comment!

The route to the Balloon Tree utlises Sustrans NCN route 66. For more information on this and other cycle routes around York see our cycle route map.